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Frequently Asked Questions

Each of our movers is trained by the best, licensed to the fullest and completely insured. Since 1992, The Firemen Moving Co has been staffed by individuals who work hard to live up to our reputation of being the best moving company in Bowling Green, KY and Clearwater, FL.

Each job is evaluated on-site to determine cost. There are NO hidden fees.
For Bowling Green and surrounding area moves: We charge an hourly rate. That hourly rate is dependent on how many Firemen Movers and how many trucks are needed for the specific job.

Here is what we DO NOT do:

  • Charge a truck fee
  • Have mileage fees
  • Charge for extra insurance (we are covered in full)
  • Charge a stair fee

We only charge you for the time we take!

We are fully licensed and insured by Kentucky State Household Good Carrier license, DOT regulations and locally insured for liability to furniture and persons.

We do offer free on-site estimates so you can thoroughly identify all items that need to be move – including the basement and the attic. The goal of an in-home estimate is to provide as accurate a figure as possible with regards to your moving expense.

With 20 years of moving experience, we have learned a thing or two about what it takes to master a move. Download our moving cheat sheet to help keep your move on schedule, on budget and as stress-free as possible!

The best time to move is when it’s right for you. However, there are some times of the year that are busier for the moving industry than others. The summer months (May – September) and the end of each month are periods of heavier demand.

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